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(no subject) [Jul. 1st, 2013|06:56 pm]
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yayyyy it's been ages again :D just here to say THE NEW LJ LAYOUT. WTF IS THAT SHIT. good thing my header bar thing is still the same after all these years... orz

i would've updated a bit earlier, but the last week of school was absolute hell. so much stuff was happening, and i didn't really have any time to just sit down and relax.... and there was so many last minute decisions with the school admin >__>;; i mean i don't mind doing it, it's just that telling me the afternoon before the event is a bit late, and i don't/didn't see the point in me going whatsoever because i didn't know a single one of them? >__>;; i'm so glad i've more or less decided to leave...

anyway, holidays now! finally i have time to tidy up my room and sort out the mess that i've been keeping around here for the last 3 months...
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(no subject) [Jun. 12th, 2013|02:16 pm]
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yay i'm back again! just a few updates and a potentially long ramble.

it's the last 3 weeks before holidays!!!!! \(^^)/ all the students are on study leave now, so i have free time to roam around the classroom and do what needs to be done. if i'm not stuck doing "protocol". i don't understand how that means invigilating, but it's the word they use.... i've been assigned 6 sessions, which i am looking forward to so i have some free time to read, if we're allowed that. just in case i get yelled at for reading things that might be helpful to their exams, i've decided to read my diplomat handbook. should have nothing to do with their exams :3 there's also a lot of last minute moving things around and chasing up students with their textbooks, but that's in the final week. i've also been assigned to go on activity days with the students! first day is a hike and the other is paintballing... this is going to be ~*fun*~ orz i was never the fastest hiker in AYP, and now i have to be walking with grade 9 kids?! urgh...

an amusing update about the teachers that i didn't write about last time. the teaching couple that were supposed to come couldn't come because they were arrested for drug posession. teachers arrested for drug posession. *died laughing* now we have a male physics teacher and seem to be deciding on a biology teacher? which kinda leads to me possibly going to malaysia for a week next school year! but nothing is set, coz the principal would prefer the new (female) biology teacher going.

cut coz it seems too longCollapse )

that's about it :D today is a holiday so i'm just rolling around in bed and trying to clean my room. as i've been trying to for nearly a year XD;;;
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(no subject) [May. 22nd, 2013|12:55 pm]
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ahhhhhhh so much for updating more frequently!! >_<;;;

not much actually happened this month... work has been going slowly because it's AP exams soon/now and s there's no lab work to do. i've been trying to continue my tidying, but it's more or less done now and i'm just waiting around for people to reply me... so i'm just on livejournal every day :D

one amusing thing that happened was that the biology and physics teachers that were going to come to hong kong decided not to come, and now we're looking for new teachers XD;;; i guess this is karma for kicking out our current biology teacher so they could bring in the new one just for a cheaper visa?

ohhh! it was my birthday last week! happy birthday to me~~~ I was going to make this post on my birthday, but hahaha that never happens does it :P as a present to myself, i decided that i'll remove my spending ban and buy anything i want for a week... well now i have a massive credit card bill that will take ages to clear ~____~ this is why i had a spending ban in the first place!!! :( but i did have a great dinner :D we had like... 10 dishes, and it was all related to seafood! it was super duper nice *__*

as for new anime this season, there hasn't been much really. utapuri is a favourite, and i've been liking ren's song a lot *__* well until tokiya's comes out :P oreimo has been boring so i'm close to dropping it... azazel is azazel, and that's about it! i still have so much anime from the 10000 shows before it's good i don't have much new things to watch :P OH GALILEO OMG FUKUYAMA <33333
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(no subject) [Apr. 4th, 2013|08:40 pm]
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a few days on tumblr and i can already see why people love it. it's really easy to search for other people with similar interests, especially with the universal tag thing, and the interface is pretty simple. scheduling posts for certain days is also an added bonus and you can keep loads of drafts for ideas and stuff. things i don't like about it?

1. i lost a huge post i typed up because for some reason the draft didn't save. never have i realised LJ's autosave feature would be such a life saver. i had to retype the whole post, so you can't say i was particularly happy about it...

2. it's near impossible to reply to someone's post without it affecting your own tumblr. i try to keep my tumblr clear of any fandom stuff (well as much as possible) because i hated tumblrs that had fandom and beauty stuff on them. i guess it was coz i wanted beauty stuff only... anyway that mindset is the same with my current tumblr and it's sooooo annoying!! most people i follow on tumblr are actually personal/fandom tumblrs (i follow beauty tumblrs via google reader because it's easier to read them all at once) but there's no way i can comment/reply on those posts without their post going onto my tumblr. i mean i knew about it and decided to just like everything i liked, but the lack of a 'say' is getting annoying >__<;;

that's about it tbh! oh and i keep on forgetting about tagging my posts, but that's because the tagging field on the right and LJ's is below the post box :P

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(no subject) [Apr. 1st, 2013|04:54 pm]
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the answer is way too long orz

but with the new month (happy april fool's!) comes new updates :D i've redone my profile page to make it up to date, and i've added all the other social media i'm on so you guys know where to find me if you miss me too much :P

as i wrote on the profile page, i'm going to try and keep this as a journal. so many people have moved onto other media i can't really justify posting about fandom and all when no one is reading, and to be honest, i catch up with LJ these days to check ______theydidnt communities and personal journals more than anything else.

so what have i been up to? WORK @_____@;; i've been swamped with work lately, the biology classes have been wanting so much stuff from the butchers (you know, hearts, lungs etc) i've just been moving my schedule around to fit them. there's also new teachers coming in, old teachers leaving, stuff to throw away, stuff to buy more of.. it's just hectic! luckily (?), my side jobs are settling down so i do have some free time to just relax at home :)

despite my depressing last post, things have been fine with kaze ♥ it seems like we both have a weird communication problem: he's not good at expressing thoughts, and i'm not good at expressing thoughts directly to people. we're working on it so hopefully there'll be less depressing posts! today is actually our third aniversary! ♥ it's the first time we've spent it apart (i flew over last easter), and possibly more to come if i stay on my current job (the holiday situation around easter is horrendous i don't understand how did the admin team think it'll work).

BUT the good (?) thing is that i'm most likely not going to continue my contract with my current job. there was a few things i didn't like about the school, and my sleeping habits make working in a school a very hard job... anyway! i'm most likely going to continue studying! *confetti* \(^^)/ i haven't decided on what to study yet, but i'm looking into the more social side for the time being. so things like science communication (HG job btw!), teaching, translating etc... yes i don't like school hours yet i'm looking into teaching. yes i am a hypocrite i know. i haven't decided exactly which unis and stuff to apply and there's the whole problem of family, but at least i have a short term goal!

on a slight tangent, I PASSED JLPT N1!!! \(^^)/ *major confetti time* in the "i got 100/180 when the pass mark was 100/180" way. i was in a terrible state on the day of the test, and i honestly thought i'd fail so i'm happy with it :) i might retake it just because all my other JLPTs were in the 80% region (i got ~55% for N1), but i'm not in a hurry :) with japanese out of the way, i'm thinking of taking up another language! my rough plan at the moment is french from july (when i finish my japanese course), and german from september :) it's going to be hectic learning the two together and it really depends if i can find the money for it, but i think it'll be great fun to meet more people that way :)

okay i think i've said all that's happened these few months... hopefully i can make weekly posts, if not i'll definitely make monthly ones! :)
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(no subject) [Jan. 10th, 2013|12:20 pm]

urgh scratch that last post. the london part of the trip was the worst part of it all.

just thinking back to it makes me depressed/angry.

cut for rambling yet againCollapse )

okay that went from random people (?) to very specific person but oh well. my journal.
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(no subject) [Jan. 4th, 2013|09:45 pm]
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it's been ages again! but first of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

the last few weeks were pretty for me, but it ended with a good thing: i went (back) to UK!~ well only for a holiday, but i really enjoy all my visits there :3

this time i went over to kaze's place all the way up north and got to meet his family/friends and omg get loads of presents! it was the first time i had a proper christmas dinner/present sorta thing so i was really happy the whole time.

back in london i got to meet some new members of the society/related people and met up with all my old friends ♥ it's really great how i can meet up with everyone and it doesn't feel like it's been 6 months+ since i last saw them *___*

that being said tho, it seems like i've gotten a bit of a depression thing going on... been randomly feeling really depressed and just feel really sick and start crying like crazy :( or i just can't handle my alcohol as well as before XDDD;;; if it really is the former, then i've gotta up my happiness index so it doesn't happen again! :D

and that's about it from me! it's just work again from now on, but hopefully with the fun times i had in UK i'll be able to last until the next holiday to relax orz
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(no subject) [Dec. 14th, 2012|10:50 am]
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wow the new profile page looks weird :x

i am dead set on going to this @____@;;; i'll be going to king's cross to take the train up to Kaze's place anyway, so it's all good :))

on the other hand, i'm sick now :( got a slight cold last weekend, and it's more or less died down to the "coughing my lungs up" stage, but i keep on getting headaches so i'm kinda concerned... should be fine tho! well hopefully, i'm flying soon~~~~ *runs around*
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(no subject) [Dec. 11th, 2012|01:46 pm]

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(no subject) [Dec. 7th, 2012|11:24 pm]
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omg i have a cold orz

i would usually be kinda happy because it means i can have a day of 'rest', but this is really the worst time to get sick >__<;;

i have kumon tomorrow which basically takes like 6 hours (aka a whole day). usually i'm okay with this, but then tomorrow the main maths teacher is away on a wedding banquet thing and my fellow assistant is away in korea on holiday orz usually her and i handle most if not all of the english students on saturdays, and the maths teacher handles the math kids. but when the maths teacher goes on holiday, i usually take over a bit of his work because i 'can handle the higher level maths' (aka i did it 5 years ago) a bit better than the other assistants who haven't really gone through the kumon method.

so basically i'll be doing a lot of stuff tomorrow, with my terrible cold :( and to be honest, it'll most likely get worse if any of the kids have a cold too orz

normally i would hope that the cold lasts until monday so i can get a day off, but the problem is i've already taken a day off last monday? or last last? basically our school only gives us one sick leave per month, and the rest is deducted from pay. i really can't afford to lose any more income (one of my tutee's is on holiday until mid-jan so i won't be seeing her until then) so it'll mean i'll have to go to work as well :(

the only happy thing i guess is that the terrible N1 test last sunday isn't this sunday! if it was... i would just kill myself really XD;;
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(no subject) [Dec. 6th, 2012|12:11 pm]
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cut for ramblingCollapse )
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(no subject) [Dec. 2nd, 2012|10:23 pm]
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yayyyyy new xxxholic!!!!! i will insert my usual wish they would continue X talk but we all know how that ends~

JLPT N1 was terrible... well terrible in the way that i dunno whether i'll get really high marks or just fail spectacularly... either way, it means i need to finish a lot of backlog at work and PREPARE FOR CHRISTMAS IN UK~~~~~
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(no subject) [Dec. 1st, 2012|12:24 am]
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omg wtf is this new html editor D: it looks ugly ;________________;

just spent the last few hours watching the 2012 MAMA ceremony and wow i got everything wrong XD;; but congrats to those who won etc :D

i seem to be paying a lot more attention to my skin these days... been buying loads of random products to use to hopefully make my skin feel nicer... and possibly get used to wearing make up one day XD;;

have also gotten back into a jpop mood because this insanely sugary jpop song is way too cute and catchy..
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(no subject) [Nov. 28th, 2012|09:58 pm]
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it's been ages again! :D

i've decided i'll more or less fail N1 so i've half given up on revising~~~~

and i bought a lot of stuff from etude house~~~

okay i forgot what i wanted to post about so i'll leave again XD;;

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(no subject) [Nov. 21st, 2012|04:31 pm]

the chai wan car accident has been on the news for a few days, but it's only today that i realised who exactly was on the taxi :(((( and heston was/is in Hong Kong too... i mean normally i would be happy (i won't lie, i slightly am), but for him to associate HK with such a tragic accident :(
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(no subject) [Nov. 18th, 2012|10:19 pm]
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it seems like the winter blues are getting to me :( been feeling really down all the time, and it feels like no one is able to help? i guess it's partially me just being getting caught up in small things that i shouldn't be so annoyed about, but surely you get annoyed for a reason? just want to curl up in bed and just be alone the whole day :(

work is the same as usual, but my laziness has meant i have a lot of things i should be doing but i'm not doing because of said laziness :( which means i'm doing a lot of rushing around when i really should be revising for N1 (2 weeks btw and i haven't even 'properly' started!) orz i might just go straight to practise papers after i try to finish this kanji book which has been taking far longer than i imagined.. it's been nearly a month and i still haven't finished half of it! ><;; it's just kanji! i'm chinese! i can guess 80% of them damn it!! ><

tht being said, i had loads of fun with my mum shopping yesterday :D got lots (three) of shoes, new duvet (my current one is nearly 10 years old orz) AND STAR BED COVERS ♥ we spent loads, but it's been a long time since i've been out with my mum without it feeling like a chore or it's just a veryyyy long walk.

our school's cultural fair is this upcoming friday too! the office apparently wants me to help out with the drinks corner :x i'm happy to help, but please let me have some free time to walk around the fair ;_;

and i heard DBSK is holding a concert in HK in january?? :D i dunno if i'll go to it because i'm not a massive fan of theirs, but i'm glad SM artists are coming to our city :D
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(no subject) [Nov. 12th, 2012|11:02 pm]
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so i just noticed yesterday that shinya shokdou has a drama!! i haven't watched it yet, but yet another food drama *___* wonder how close will they be to the manga though... some of the contents is a bit mature ^^;;

on another topic, omg i'm surrounded by noise pollution!! ;___; the water pipes in my building have some problem, so whenever people use a lot of water (eg showering) there's a really loud noise of the water flowing up the pipes and stuff... considering i'm on the 8th floor and the water tank thing is either on the 29th or 4th floor, you can figure out how loud it must me! >__<;; the management doesn't seem to be doing much about it despite it being 1 week since it started! oh well...

you would think that going to work would be great, since i'll be away from the water pipes? no! there's construction on the rooftop of the building i work in, and i'm right below them! ;____; so i get the loudest hammering/drilling/stuff being put down on the ground noises... :(

all that aside, i'm getting excited to my london trip this christmas! because i realised i can watch the christmas lectures (a series of 3 lectures done during christmas about science) live!! well on tv :P but that's a big improvement from not being to watch them at all! and i can bake stuff! i'm already planning on lemon pudding cakes, but i definitely want to try bread and butter pudding! and omg ovens *____* and cats *_______*
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(no subject) [Nov. 11th, 2012|05:13 pm]
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so on my continued efforts to watch more things, i've recently downloaded two new jdramas to watch!

the first one up is hana no zubora meshi. it's basically about this super lazy house wife who tries to make really yummy but lazy (using igredients you always have at home, least amount of cooking etc) food. only three episodes are out, but it seems quite interesting! well the food is orz there's not much of a story, she just lazes around the whole day, encounter a few problems during work/with her friends, cooks some really yummy food, end of story. tbh i'm only watching it to see what sort of lazy food she comes up with :P

the second one is called tokyo airport! i thought it would be a low budget drama, then i saw the cast and realised it's pretty mid budget! the drama is about the operations of tokyo international airport (haneda! not narita!), with a particular focus on the air cotrol tower. there's also parts with the other ground staff and pilots, but the main story is definitely in the air control tower. it was really cool they made this show, because last year i actually applied for the job XD;;; it's made in a pretty typical jdrama fashion, with how they introduce people and all, but what really attracted me was how the scenes at the control tower seemed pretty real. of course you don't get emergencies every other day, but how they dealt with it was pretty ♥

one big problem (?) i have with it is the insane amount of engrish!!! i mean i understand that air control officers actually need to talk in english most of the time (it was in the job requirement), but some of the people (yes actors but still) have such strong accents i would hate to be a pilot and have to listen to them (another job i was thinking of!) :P thank god for subtitles... it was also interesting how they could actually switch to japanese when it was an emergency situation. i guess there are actually guidelines allowing that :O i always thought you had to speak in english!

also added bonus is that seto kouji is in the show! and he's always in a shirt + vest! ♥
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(no subject) [Nov. 8th, 2012|12:21 pm]
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in order to up my post count, CLAMP meme time! i'm gonna post the whole thing now, and hopefully start... on a nicer date/time :P

Read more...Collapse )
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(no subject) [Nov. 6th, 2012|10:32 pm]
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other than the usual dose of anime, i've been hooked to cooking shows lately! (and elementary :P) i say it like that, but to be honest the only show i'm following is nigellissima, which is just nigella lawson going on and on about italian and related food :D when i'm waiting for the download to appear, i end up watching her older shows :) so far i've watched the whole of nigella kitchen season 1, express season 1, and i've just started on bites season 1 :D

i think cooking shows, especially the UK ones (okay i say that but i've never really seen a US one) are really easy to watch when you have no time, because since it's just someone cooking 3~5 dishes in one episode, it means it's relatively simple to just stop and resume when you're free next? i mean the only continuity in the show is when you're preparing a multi-course meal, but otherwise it's pretty episodic and there's plenty of places for you to stop :D

i think coz of my current cooking show obsession i've been paying more attention to what i eat too... like how it's made, how certain foods should be cooked... it's nice :D but bad on my wallet because i always want western ingredients which means an expensive trip to the supermarket ;___;

edit: obviously not used to LJ anymore, forgot i made a similar post orz but oh well! there are enough nigella series to last me for quite some time and quite a few posts XDD
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